Monday, May 26, 2008

Farmer Happy

Spindly, but full of potential
Spindly, but full of potential

One hundred forty-four pachysandra plants later, I have four rows of spindly plants firmly heeled in along the fence. I've already started talking to them, but I haven't named any of them yet. Some of the plants were robust and hearty, others much less so. I'm just hoping that they don't all die on me. As chronicled in other blog entries. I've been waging war on Virginia creeper and poison ivy. Roundup, mulch, and pachysandra have been my weapons of choice. Around the patio, and in one of the side beds, pachysandra has begun to crowd out creeper and English ivy, which is exactly the desired effect. I wouldn't mind crowding out some of the violets, either. These are man-eating violets, not the little sissy things that you find in other people's gardens, rather monster violets that are all plant, no flower, and that march relentlessly down the garden path.

This weekend has been fabulous gardening weather, very cool mornings and warm afternoons. I haven't done this much garden stuff for about a decade, and I know why. My green thumb is pretty black, as in if I plant it, it will die. But I'm ever hopeful of the baleful experiments that I perform in the side yard. I was moved to do all of the stuff because I discovered poison ivy in the yard last fall, then this spring, the Virginia creeper just exploded, and was preparing to take over the earth. Mindful of my duties as a World Citizen, I was determined to prevent that from happening. Also, it's been a hoot to be outside on very pleasant days, and just enjoy the experience of it all.

Don't expect me to become a gardener, though. Just expect me to take on some daft projects, push through to the end, and then pray for divine intervention that something will actually grow. Gardening is a religious act for me, because I'm such an inept horticulturalist that any resulting good from my acts must be attributed to some higher force much greater than I. Or maybe some malevolent spirit out there doesn't particularly like Virginia creeper, either.