Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dining out for Lunch

Today, we're going out for lunch to Andalucia, a Rockville restaurant. The restaurant is cooperating with other area establishments and donating part of its earnings today to help homeless programs in the area. We're meeting Tim and his father there.

We've eaten at Andalucia a couple of times. The food is very good. I like the tapas, and may not get around to an entree; we'll see. Rockville has three or four Spanish restaurants, and this is a good one to go to. It's an old-fashioned establishment with lace in the windows, pictures of flamenco dancers, and families. Reviews consistently call it romantic. The cuisine is traditional, too, no fusion or innovation, just great food.

Next Day: We had a very nice time. Tim's father was born and grew up in Argentina, so he told us a few very good stories. The soup of the day was seafood - lots of mussels and shrimp in a wonderful rich broth. My entree was roasted pork on roasted, sliced potatoes. The dish was very tasty, if not on my diet!