Monday, February 11, 2008

Public Radio Pledge Week

I turned on the radio this morning to Pledge Week on WAMU. The radio talk this morning consists of endless pleas about how supporters make the difference on public radio. Oh, what a long week this portends. Of course, my brain processes all of this talk as "blah, blah, blah."

"Our Winter Membership Campaign" on WAMU awaits the unwary listener each hour throughout the day. The talk takes up a good part of each radio program. The station's moneyraising works by hypnotizing listeners into a zombie-like state in which the unwitting listener's fingers claw out the station's phone number, and in a halting, quavering voice, the listener gasps out, "I pledge, take my money, but send me my coffee mug!"

I haven't succumbed yet, but that distinct possibility remains. I suppose I could listen to Washington DC's all-news WTOP and its commercials.


Anonymous said...

You should become a member if you find the programming on WAMU valuable in your life. The mere fact that you took the time to write about it on your blog is clear indication that you like what WAMU does.

Think about this--WAMU is an NPR member station and right now, there are NPR reporters, as there have been since the start, on the ground in Iraq. No one tells them they have to go, they volunteer. I heard the president of NPR talk about this and since NPR is the only news organization that really puts the war in perspective, I think a contribution to help this effort is appropriate.

Happy said...

It sounds like this anonymous comment comes from the marketing director of WAMU. Indeed, I've been a member of WAMU. What I dislike about pledge week, is that after you've pledged you're still forced to suffer through the rest of it. Public radio fundraising is really annoying.