Monday, February 25, 2008

What Do Retired People Do?

I'm still trying to figure this out. I'm puzzled, I usually don't feel that I've accomplished that much by the end of the day, but I certainly have been busy! I wonder how I managed to hold down a job for 30 years and still get things done. I'm not sure how I did it.

I'm easing into a nice schedule. I get up and read for an hour or so. I love the luxury of reading! Sometimes it's the paper. Other days, I read the Economist or some other magazine. Sometimes, I just pick up a pulpy novel and dive in. What a wonder.

I try to write in one of my blogs each day. That's been a challenge, but I've really enjoyed that, too. I also spend time talking with friends on the phone, writing emails, and sometimes, doing nothing at all. That's also a new luxury. Of course, I'm back at the gym (want to know more about Ballys' customer relations?), cooking more and enjoying it more, and trying to get back to those two software programs that I want to write, sometime before I expire....

Another slice of my time is spent with my friends. I delight in their company, and they always bring a warm smile to my lips, even on these cold winter days. Whether it's cooking dinner, square dancing, walking in the neighborhood, politics, interior decorating, breakfast out, or sex, these guys bring an incredible joy to my life. I love them dearly. Ron, Perry, Tim you boys make me whole.