Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Great Prostate!

I went to visit my doc yesterday for a physical. He told me (and I may be slightly elaborating what he said) that I had a remarkable prostate for a man my age: it's small, supple, not enlarged, and no nodules. And it's one part of the exam that I enjoy! The rest of the exam does indicate that the arrow of time moves inexorably in one direction only. I'm going to schedule that urology appointment, and there's a cardiologist in my future. None of the anomalies appear serious, but I want to take care of them. I got the tetanus shot, and was on my way to lunch with a colleague from my days at Fannie Mae, and sitting pretty....

Before I went into see the doc, I filled out an Adult Vaccination Screening Form. Even if your doctor doesn't look at it, it keeps your mind focused about what you should ask your doctor. (If you are interested in a recommended vaccination schedule, you can find it on the Centers for Disease Control web site.) At the office, I was given an electrocardiogram. The test was over before it began. Quite a hookup! As usual, I was clueless about what to do with the urine sample. I mean, where am I supposed to put this cup of pee? Once when my brother was very young (eight or so) he was told to put his sample in the tray, so he poured it in the tray. I've been tempted ever since, but have tamped down the urge for watersports at the doctor's office sufficiently to keep my behavior in check.

I wore underpants. I sometimes forget. One time I had a somewhat urgent doctor's office visit and wasn't wearing any. This only leads to an embarrassing place for me, although the doctor, the intern, and the nurse never batted an eye. I think I was blushing from head to toe, though. Ever since, I carefully check my unders.