Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Remember back in 2000, when George W. set out to find a vice-president worthy of being his running mate, he asked his search committee, headed up by Dick (Darth) Cheney to find the right stuff? I'm hoping that the Republican and Democratic candidates will be more thoughtful this time around.

While I don't believe that Senators Obama, Clinton, or McCain will pay me any attention, I thought I'd offer my advice. For the Democrats, I'm thinking Bill Richardson. New Mexico's Governor probably had the best resume as a Presidential candidate, and he could bring real depth to an Obama or Clinton ticket. He's a long shot, but could save the Hispanic vote for the Democrats, and maybe spur more Hispanics to participate in the election.

McCain has a different problem. I'm not sure what Mike Huckabee's motivation is for staying in the race, but he should not be McCain's veep pick. Such a selection could well poison independent voters on McCain. But there's another Presidential-like guy out there, waiting in the wings. He has great hair and could appeal to conservatives without spooking the independents. Mitt, you might still make it on the ticket. Romney has experience that complements McCain.

Those are my veep picks, but don't hold your breath.