Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Wheels

New Wheels in Parking Spot
New Wheels in Parking Spot

Today has been eventful. We brought home a brand new 2008 Prius from the Darcars Toyota. If you ever want to buy a Toyota, talk to Alex. He's a hustling sales consultant who refuses to be undersold. If you speak Russian, you'll probably get an even better deal.

This purchase is the culmination of a fair amount of research, plus some visits to other car dealers, too. Ron and I did our homework, and we're pleased (though a little stunned) with the deal. The coolest gadgets in the car are a GPS navigation system and BlueTooth. I haven't paired my phone with the car yet, but you know it's coming. Undoubtedly, this car will be fodder for some additional blog posts.